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  • Contrato de compraventa de inmueble
  • Contrato de compraventa de terreno
  • Contrato de compraventa mercantil
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  • Contrato de compraventa de vehiculo
  • Contrato de compraventa online
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  • Contrato compraventa de finca rustica
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  • Contrato de trabajo de maestra de 1923
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  • Contrato de trabajo
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  • Contrato de mutuo
  • Contrato de subrogacion de deuda
  • Contrato de traspaso de local
  • Contrato de suministro
  • Contrato de cesion
  • Del contrato de compra – venta de una motocicleta
  • Contrato del prestamo de dinero
  • Contrato de la compra-venta de bienes muebles
  • Un contrato de arras
  • Contrato de la garantia mobiliaria
  • Del contrato de la donacion
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    Modelo de contrato en inglés



    This type of employment contract denominated fixed-called labor contract that determined whose most important feature is that for a certain period of time. through this contract, you try to get the execution of works or services autonomously and own substantivity within the heading of the company.

    Type of day and duration of the contract

    This type of document can be made ea full or part time.

    Conclusion of Contract

    Must necessarily be in writing and must be produced in precisely and specifically, the type of contract we are doing and identify effectively work or work to which such contract realizarápara and duration and work to be done.

    The extensions made, must be reported to the Public Employment Service within ten days after its conclusion.

    Termination of employment

    This type of contract, be extinguished by a prior complaint by any of the parties involved, to complete the work or strabajo it.

    If the contract lasts more than a year, the party making the complaint notificarár other termination of this Agreement with a notice of two weeks at least. If not done so, the employer will be in the obligation to pay compensation equivalent to corresponding to the days when that period was not fulfilled salary.

    If after carrying out the work, the work or service, the employee continues to work without the corresponding report by the employer, the contract will be indefinite, except temporary documents proving the origin of the services.

    Once the contract is terminated, the employee shall have the right to compensation of amount which equals the proportion of the amount that would result from granting eight days of salary per year of service, or that stipulated in the specific regulations to be sued in each case.

    When it becomes permanent?

    Formlessness in writing: If the event occurs in a part-time contract, lack of form in writing, shall also define the agreement to become a full-time, except evidence for their part-time status.

    If not proceed to Adar high in Social Security if you have spent more time to test.

    If, at the end there, not any party complaint was made and continues to provide the service.

    Those agreements to evade the law also presumed indefinitely.



    Certifies this dommento, who subscribes triplicate with the same content and value, the contract ended employment, which under the Consolidated Text of Legislative Decree No. ............, Supreme Decree No. ......................... Law, Labor Productivity and Competitiveness and additional rules, which entered into by ...... ........................... with RUC No. .......................... and domicile in San Martin Jr. No. ............. .................... this city represented by its holder ....................... ID No. ..................... ......................... to who henceforth will be called COMPANY, and on the other hand, identified with DNI No. ..................... .......... .................., residing in ............................ .................................. who later will be called tHE WORKER, on the following terms and conditions:


    COMPANY, is a legal entity under private law, whose purpose is to provide education services, science, and culture in the area of secondary and higher education, also develop educational activities for pre-college preparation, so you need a professional to fulfill this educational work.


    The contract is that THE WORKER agrees to provide services to the COMPANY for activities as legal representative of the institution.


    The duration of this contract shall be for an indefinite period from the signing of this contract.


    In consideration of the services of THE WORKER, will be a compensation ..................................... ............................. will pay COMPANY for which it is obliged to provide tHE WORKING materials needed to develop their activities and grant facilities to make your fully working Ia work.


    THE WORKING shall serve on the following hours: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, for this reason and in accordance with the provisions of the rules labor has made payment with a book forms that tHE COMPANY shall be monitored for that matter.

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